The Larry Fitzgerald foundation

Our Mission

The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation has two priorities:

1) Promoting reading proficiency and technology access for K-12 youth as cornerstones to success at school and in life, and

2) Supporting efforts to prevent and cure breast cancer and support breast cancer survivors.

Our Impact

In recent years, Larry’s efforts have focused on a special grant-making program of the Foundation, the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund, which provides grants to support education of K-12 youth, including grants to close the reading and technology gaps that persist in our communities in order to make sure all students have a chance to succeed.  Reading proficiency and technology access are both cornerstones of success at school and in life.

Larry has made grants of funds and computer equipment to dozens of schools in Arizona and in Minnesota, to support thousands of students to be better equipped to meet their educational goals.

In the last year, the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation has made grants of over $1million dollars.

During the last 3 years Larry and the First Down Fund have given over 100 grants to support reading and effective use of technology, improving the educational experience for thousands of  K-12 students.  Providing books and technology that students can use in school or at home is more important than ever.

The other area of focus for Larry’s charitable work is breast cancer research and support.   The Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund was established to honor Larry’s late mother, Carol.  The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation provides financial support to the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund every year, and makes grants to other organizations in the community serving survivors of breast cancer and their families. In addition, Larry has long served as a spokesman for the NFL’s A Crucial Catch campaign.



apply for a Grant

At the beginning of the year, Larry made grants to Arizona schools to support reading.  This giving was made possible in large part to the generosity of attendees at Larry’s fundraiser dinner last fall.  Due to the pandemic, Larry’s annual celebrity server dinner fundraiser has been postponed.  However, he has decided to do another round of grants to support reading and technology.
Larry will be making 20 grants to promote reading and effective use of technology.