Larry is a devoted lifelong learner. His innate curiosity has led him to be a student of many and varied disciplines, from chess strategy to business innovation, and he seeks greater understanding of the dynamic and ever-evolving world around us. After an internship at JP Morgan during the 2011 offseason, at the height of his football career, his interest in investments and entrepreneurship began to blossom and Larry began to build his portfolio. Today Larry’s passion for technology and sports have evolved into the core tenets of his business and advocacy strategies, and he is an investor in over 160 companies in sports, restaurants, hotels, technology, real estate, fintech, enterprise software, and more.

Larry Fitzgerald Enterprises (LFE) invests in companies and organizations that enrich lives and enhance communities through wellness, digital access, technological innovation while fostering a healthier planet. LFE embodies Larry’s broad portfolio of interests, and aims to accelerate the growth and impact of companies focused on sustainability, technology, and lifestyle. Through LFE, Larry invests in companies at various stages. Larry is always looking to diversify his portfolio and expand his support of businesses that he believes in.